LIFE+ 09/ENV/EE/227
Maanteeamet Eesti Energia Nordecon Ramboll Skepast&Puhkim

OSAMAT project has come into life on the firm belief of the beneficiaries that the eventual environmental problems connected to the recycling of OSA (Oil shale ash) for civil-engineering purposes can be overcome by exploiting the technical properties of the OSA to transform it into strong and impermeable materials in favourable conditions. OSA can be used in high volumes in the local construction markets, and for the wider European market OSA will become an interesting and cost-effective replacement of cement and other expensive commercial additives. OSA is by-product or waste; the generation of OSA is not allocated to consume energy and generate airborne releases of greenhouse gases.  This is a very significant aspect when promoting the utilisation of OSA in the European markets.In general the project will address the challenges of the European policies and legislation concerning waste and promote waste recovery and sustainable recycling with a focus on life-cycle thinking and the development of recycling markets. Conversion of OSA into valuable civil-engineering materials for different purposes will be an encouraging model for European societies and in the acceptance to recycle corresponding types of industrial waste materials e.g. in civil-engineering applications.

This project has been funded with a contribution from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community